Should I paint or stain my deck?

Is it better to paint or stain your deck?

This question is answered with “it depends”. Here is what it depends on:

1. If it’s a brand new wood deck and the lumber was dried before treatment or has sat and dried over a few months, a semi-transparent stain is a wonderful choice for a couple of reasons. Number one, it allows the natural wood grain to show through and is pretty. Number two, the semi-transparent stains (like the ones supplied by Renew Crew of Charlotte) are great at sinking into the board and protecting it longer.

2. If the wood deck has already been stained and you want to change color, you would need to go to a solid stain or paint to get the pure look of the intended color. If you tried a semi-transparent or even a semi-solid, the previous color is likely to alter the appearance of the new color.

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