How much are EZE Breeze windows priced and can I install them myself?

PGT industries manufactures the leading screen porch window called EZE Breeze. They are powder-coated aluminum framed and the panes are actually a “memory-vinyl” that is clear and appears to be glass.

These windows convert your screen porch into a sunroom and right back by retracting up and down or side to side depending on the model you purchase. They are ideal to keep the pollen, dirt, and moisture off of your porch while opening easily to allow free air flow when desired.

EZE Breeze windows can retail from $350 – $450 per unit plus labor depending on size. There are additional considerations that can add to the cost. You will need to factor any additional framing needed, alteration of existing structure, paint or stain, adding a door, and so forth.

These windows can be done yourself but there are some tricks to the trade to ensure you measure the opening properly to ensure you don’t buy these custom products and they fit properly! Archadeck of Charlotte is a distributor and installer of this product and introduced it to Charlotte years ago. For more information, go to

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