No problems with Trex now, Transcends is an amazing product!

Researching Trex decking on the internet is a real mixed bag of results. Trex invented the category of composite decking some 20 years ago and the original product had its share of issues. There were complaints from fading, discoloration, staining, scratching, and so forth. This continued with the next generation but to a much lesser extent.

Fast forward to 9 years ago when Trex introduced a cap stock product they branded, Trex Transcends. This product was engineered to eliminate the challenges with previous generations of composite decking. They were so confident in their product, they backed it with a 25-year no fade and no stain warranty!

Archadeck of Charlotte began promoting and installing this product right away and amazingly, the product has given us no challenges! We are one of the country’s largest deck builders and have next to NO call backs or warranties in the 9 years we have installed the product. Without hesitation, we promote and install Trex Transcends and the beautiful colors and grain make it much more aesthetically pleasing as well.

As a Trex Platinum Pro, we are featured on their website in North Carolina/ South Carolina and you can go to or to see great photo galleries!

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