What are Eze-Breeze windows? Are they a great value for my screened porch project?

Archadeck of Charlotte has been a Charlotte area Eze Breeze distributor and installer for more than 17 years. Many of our clients ask us about these convertible window systems. What are they? How much do they cost? Are they worth the investment?

We Charlotte area residents enjoy a mild climate, well-suited for many outdoor living scenarios. One of our most popular outdoor living design and build projects is the screened porch. Our clients love screened porches for many reasons. At Archadeck of Charlotte, we know their true value. They give us valuable time outdoors throughout the year, even when the weather is less than ideal. Screened porches with outdoor fireplaces and/or space heaters offer us outdoor living opportunities in cool weather. They give us protection from the sun and rain. They shield us from pests. If you want to take your new screened porch to the next level, adding Eze Breeze windows is the way to achieve it!

Eze Breeze screened porch

What are Eze-Breeze windows?

Eze Breeze windows are adjustable vinyl windows in a powder-coated aluminum frame, which allow you to enjoy your screened porch with the windows open or closed. They come in vertical or horizontal sliding track systems. Eze Breeze windows add value in versatility, giving your more hours of enjoyment of your screened porch each year. The window vinyl is clear and has the appearance of glass. With a space heater, Eze Breeze windows will allow you to utilize your screened porch year-round. A valuable investment? Yes, we believe so!

Eze Breeze porches are great for all seasons

How much do Eze-Breeze windows cost?

You can expect to invest an average of $400 per window, depending on the model you choose, plus labor to install. As a rule, including Eze Breeze windows in your screened porch project will add 15-20% in cost. These windows differ in many ways from traditional glass. They are lightweight, flexible, and shatterproof. Driven by stricter building codes, glass windows will easily drive your project costs up by 30%.

Black Eze Breeze windows add a dramatic aesthetic

Why might you want Eze-Breeze windows on your screened porch, even this time of year?

Though windows are not needed for warmth this time of year, they are invaluable for allergy sufferers. With an Eze Breeze screened porch, your whole family can enjoy the space during allergy season. Even if you do not suffer from seasonal allergies, these windows will enclose your screened porch to protect it from the thick layer of pollen that we must clean from our siding, driveways, porches, patios, and decks this time of year.

Yikes! Take a look at this NC pollen cloud.

Eze Breeze windows create an indoor/outdoor living space, where you can add beautiful furnishings and décor without the threat of having them ruined by the elements, including pollen, rain, or even wind!

Fine furnishings and décor are protected in an Eze Breeze screened porch

We are your trusted Eze Breeze screened porch builder!

If you are considering building a new screened porch for your Charlotte area home, ask us about the value and versatility of Eze Breeze windows for your new space! They come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your custom outdoor living design needs.

Eze Breeze porch and stone patio backyard sanctuary

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