Have Charlotte back porches replaced southern front porches of yesteryear?

The historical American front porch grew from a sensible home addition, which provided interior shade and protection over open windows during rain, to a status symbol and community gathering spot. Do we still enjoy our southern front porches of today like we did our grandparents’ front porches? Have backyard porches replaced front porches?

Many newer Charlotte area homes still have front porches. In planned communities, they might be smaller than those of our parents and grandparents. Custom homes in our area might feature larger front porches, but are we truly using them the same way we used to? Do we value our private back porches more these days?

front porch
Welcoming front porch design

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While we don’t see back porches eliminating the need for or uses of front porches, we understand the appeal! Back porches are wonderful spaces of private respite and outdoor entertaining, which pick up where traditional front porches leaves off.

Comfortable back porch design with mosquito curtains

Back porches offer privacy

The most obvious difference in using a front porch for outdoor living versus a back porch, is that back porches offer privacy. If you like stepping out in early mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, a back porch is a perfect venue on which to retreat. Private backyard spaces are also wonderful for parties and get-togethers.

Waxhaw back porch
Private back porch in Waxhaw NC

Front porches are limited by HOAs

Charlotte open back porchIn many communities with homeowner’s associations, front porch design is limited. If homeowners wish to personalize their front porch with paint, lighting, furnishings, or privacy accoutrements, they might be denied by the HOA. Even though an HOA might still dictate the size and style of a back porch, chances are guidelines for your private backyard space will be more accepting of your intended porch design and use.

Back porches offer more space and more usability

Many times, space dictates the size of our front porch. A small front porch will inherently offer less usability. Porches overlooking backyards can be chock full of amenities for extended use. Many of our back porch designs are extensive outdoor living areas, which feature outdoor fireplaces, ceiling fans and lighting, surround sound and TVs, multiple living areas, screens and/or Eze-Breeze windows, and more!

Charlotte backyard screened porch
Charlotte backyard screened porch with outdoor fireplace and attached deck

Are you ready to build the back porch of your dreams?

Catawba back porchHaving a front porch is a way to stay connected to your neighbors and community. They offer curb appeal to almost any home, by creating an inviting façade. While we do not believe the importance of our southern front porches is lost in today’s outdoor living, we do believe that a back porch is a great way to expand and improve your family’s outdoor living.

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