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It's Easy to Love Eze Breeze Windows!

PGT Industries is the manufacturer of Eze Breeze windows and Archadeck of Charlotte is proud to be the local distributor and installer for these amazing systems for 20 years. Call on us to design and build your custom Eze-Breeze porch.

Eze Breeze windows is the leading screen porch window system that allows homeowners to extend and enhance the benefits of an existing or new screened porch. Constructed of powder-coated aluminum frames with panes made of memory-vinyl that is clear and appears to be glass.

Eze-Breeze porch

These windows convert your screen porch into a sunroom and right back by retracting up and down or side to side depending on the model you purchase. They are ideal to keep the pollen, dirt, and moisture off of your porch while opening easily to allow free air flow when desired. Take a look at how easy it ease to operate Eze Breeze in this video featured on our Archadeck of Charlotte YouTube channel:

Some of the benefits of an Eze-Breeze porch include the flexibility it provides by giving you the ability to have a screen porch or a sunroom by simply stacking the windows at the bottom or the top of the porch or simply removing them altogether. These convertible window systems also open up your views because they have minimal framing and less view obstruction.

Eze Breeze eliminates the negative aspects of outdoor living while accentuating the positives. From keeping pollen, debris and nuisance insects at bay to providing a respite from dangerous UVA and UVB rays and allergans. Eze Breeze does it all beautifully!

Eze-Breeze porch

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More Benefits…

  • Eze Breeze is safe! Made of a tough vinyl, not glass, so they will not shatter or crack like traditional windows.


  • Eze Breeze is versatile! These windows will go up or down and stop at any point to give you as much or little open window space as you desire — you can control how much or how little at any given time.

Eze-Breeze porch

  • Eze Breeze is economical! The county building codes do not require a permit when you use Eze Breeze windows there is no need to insulate, apply a termite treatment, vapor barrier, heating or air condition — so the overall cost is considerable less than that of a sunroom addition.

Eze-Breeze porch interior

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