What We Build Charlotte 3-Season Rooms & Sun Porches

Are you looking for a little more than a porch but less than a sunroom?

Charlotte 3-season rooms and Charlotte sunrooms offer an outdoor lifestyle with interior comforts. While they can look very similar, the difference between the two is significant. A 3-season room is like a screened porch that has fully closing windows to block out cold breezes, pollen and rain. Our favorite 3-season porch windows are VersaPorch as they offer crystal clear vinyl and flexible venting options. Sunrooms are a bit more complex. They offer all the comforts of an interior room with insulation, HVAC and interior finishes. Usually featuring large windows to let in a lot of natural light and beautiful views of your property.

Charlotte VersaPorch Porches

The main benefit of choosing a Charlotte 3-season room is that you can get that classic screened porch feeling with the option to close out cold wind, allergens and rain. With VersaPorch porch windows you can easily customize the air flow for whatever the Charlotte weather brings your way. Add an outdoor fireplace or space heater to use a 3-season room comfortably for most of the winter.

Offering a flexible outdoor living space that can be used to extend indoor living space, a 3-season porch is perfect for entertaining or everyday use. 3-season rooms can be created out of existing porches or screened porches. They can be built over existing decks or patios, or you can start with a completely blank canvas. Just like screened porches, 3-season rooms can be any size you need as long as your home and yard has the space to accommodate. So if you need your new 3-season porch to be extra-large for frequent entertaining or you just want a comfy private retreat, we can meet your needs with the perfect porch for you.

Choosing design and materials for a 3-season room can be complicated. With a design & build expert from Archadeck of Charlotte guiding the way, you can be sure you’ll get the most in depth information to help you decide what materials and options are best for your family’s lifestyle. Popular choices for 3-season porches start with the floor. TimberTech decking is popular if you’re not building over a pre-existing deck or patio. TimberTech decking offers premium low-maintenance decking that won’t ever need to be stained, sealed or painted. Composite decking won’t splinter or crack, so you can enjoy living on your 3-season porch with bare feet and no worries.

Moving up to the windows, our favorite porch window system is from VersaPorch. VersaPorch windows are an ultra-clear vinyl & screen porch window system that makes adjusting your air flow a breeze. With many choices in colors, we can create a porch that suites every style.

Choosing your roof style will depend heavily on the architecture of your home, but open gable roofs are extremely popular along with shed, hip and flat roofs. 3-season rooms are a great place to add outdoor living accessories, we’ll help you decide if an outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen or built-in TV mount is right for your new porch.

Charlotte Sunrooms

Sunrooms, sunporches, Florida rooms, solariums, 4-season rooms; Charlotte sunrooms are referred to by many different names. A sunroom is a great choice for gaining additional square footage in your home at a lower cost than a full addition. Sunrooms can be built over existing decks or patios or in their own new space. Sunrooms are usually known for their many glass windows that allow for sunshine to fill the space, creating an outdoor feel with all the comforts of interior living. With insulated floors, ceilings and walls, HVAC and custom interior finishes, sunrooms are the outdoor space that can be enjoyed year round.

Charlotte sunrooms can be built in a variety of locations at your home. While the back of your home, off the main living area or kitchen is the most popular location, maybe you could use a private retreat off the master bedroom, the choice is yours. The size of your new space can vary greatly. Depending on where you choose to place your new sunroom, it may be able to span the entire back of your home or be a cozy retreat for two. Every home and every family’s lifestyle is different. At Archadeck of Charlotte our design experts will help you choose the size and location that best meets your family’s needs.

The variety of materials and finishes for your new Charlotte sunroom are as plentiful as interior design. Starting with the location, roof style & windows is just the tip of the design iceberg. When choosing interior design finishes it is important to consider how you plan to use the space. If the kids and pets will be coming in and out of the sunroom from the back yard you may want to consider a hard surface floor such as wood, tile or laminate for easy cleaning. But if your sunroom is only going to be accessed from inside the home, carpet may provide more comfort. With so many design options, it is important to work with an expert design and build firm like Archadeck of Charlotte. We’ll help you choose the basic design as well as keep you informed of the latest options for accessories like an outdoor fireplace or skylights, things you may have not considered.

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